Nicole N’diaye BPS, MBA

Nicole N’diaye is a multifaceted leader in New York’s hemp and cannabis industry, managing over ten farms and collaborating with Amish farmers for sustainable growth. As a Professor at Medgar Evers College, she bridges academia with practical agriculture, overseeing fruit and vegetable cultivation at urban gardens in the Bronx, with produce supporting local farmers markets and community fridges.

An advocate for social equity, Nicole is the co-chair Cannabis & Hemp committee at Black Farmers United- N.Y.S, and co-chairs the N.Y.C committee at CANY, shaping policies for marginalized communities.

Her academic credentials include an Associate degree in Computer Engineering Technology, a Bachelor’s Cum Laude in Professional Business Management, and a Master’s with Distinction in Executive Management, alongside certifications in construction, safety, and solar energy. Nicole’s work embodies her commitment to environmental justice and community empowerment.