Training Programs

Staff Trainings: Feedback

Danbury Hospital Staff Training Spring 2011

  • "This is a great start. Really can't wait to see where this takes us as a unit and our community. Thank you Heidi and Lucy."
  • "Wonderful experience. Gifted instructors whose skills allowed cohesiveness to develop among and between staff. A welcome addition to our patient program that focuses on their strengths and well being as well as their sense of humor. Thank you."
  • This has been such an enriching experience. One I plan on using in my practice as an RN as well as during group interaction with my patients. Thank you so much."

  • Post Graduate Center for Mental Health: January 2011

  • "This has been amazing! I often feel "stuck" in my work, this provides a useful new tool, very interesting, liberating and fun!"
  • "Wonderful training. Very engaging."
  • "This information and model are useful for counselors/therapists in any field."

  • "I have received nothing but compliments and accolades from your presentation yesterday! Our staff left excited with new “tools” for their professional toolkits. Many continued talking about it today at lunch...Thanks too, for delivering such a professional presentation..."
    Heidi Duelfer, Staff Trainer
    Green Chimneys
    April 2010

    Andrus Children's Center: Fall 2009

  • "Thank you for sharing creative ideas in a fun and supportive environment. I wish we had more sessions."
  • "The group was very helpful. I will take a lot back to work with my team. Loved it!!!"
  • "Wonderful, thought-inspiring training."
  • "You guys did an excellent job at training in creative alternatives. You really enabled us to express and understand better."
  • "The best training I have ever had! Fantastic."

  • "CANY facilitated an incredible training session with our new Iraq and Afghanistan veteran staff. Our goal for this orientation training was for the group to engage in team-building exercises so that we could start the new program with enthusiasm. CANY’s staff were exceptionally adept at navigating the different needs and strengths of the participants, and helped everyone feel at ease. In addition to providing a great team-building experience, it was a lot of fun!"
    Caroline Peacock, LMSW
    Director, Veterans and Families Initiative
    Center for Trauma Program Innovation at JBFCS
    August, 2009

    Alzheimer's Resource Center of Connecticut: Summer 2009

  • "Thank you for all that you did. These tools will help me to interact closer with the residents."
  • "I LOVED this experience! I got an opportunity to see residents experience mastery in powerful ways. I'm used to running more structured groups and want to personally experiment with less structure."