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Internships: Feedback

February 24, 2011: "I am currently an Drama Therapy intern working at CANY. This is my third internship and after interning in various mental health facilities I can attest that CANY is a truly unique in the way that it works with clients' strengths, utilizes a sense of play, and ultimately encourages the use of creativity and imagination as a pathway to health. I feel incredibly lucky to be learning from such wonderful therapists and leaders and working with inspiring clients every day. I've personally seen the results of this organization in the way that the groups function every day. The clients often enter the room upset, anxious, distracted, etc. and leave the room smiling, laughing, talking with one another, and eager to share their stories."
Morgan Geisert

February 16, 2011: "I had the pleasure to be an intern at CANY several years ago. Their work touches many disadvantaged groups of people and is a rich experience for clients and facilitators alike. CANY's work gives a voice to people who ordinarily do not have one, it is creative, empowering and helps to bring about a true sense of community to those it serves."
Charlie Korda