Youth Programming Outcomes Evaluation 2012-2013

In the 2012-2013 Academic Year CANY conducted pre and post outcomes surveys at the following partner agencies where CANY conducted drama therapy programs with children and youth:
CARES High School
Children’s Village
Hawthorne Cedar Knolls
Wildcat Academy
Stevenson High School

Demographics of Pre-Post participants
Age: Range 12-20, Average 13.8 years old
Gender: 58% Male, 42% Female
Ethnicity: 40% African-American, 30% Latino, 4% White, 21% Multi-ethnic, 5% Other

CANY used a survey that combined 34 negative and positive items grouped into 4 scales to measure 4 domains of impairment resulting from childhood traumatic stress.
• Behavioral Control: 9 items
• Self-concept: 9 items
• Attachment: 10 items
• Affect Regulation: 8 items

For more information see What Is Child Traumatic Stress?

110 youth participants completed a pre outcomes baseline survey. 52 youth participants completed the 12-week program dosage required for inclusion in this evaluation and completed a post outcomes survey.

The study showed positive movement in the domains of self concept, affect regulation, and behavioral control.

CARES High School Outcomes Evaluation
CANY is currently conducting a year-and-a-half comprehensive outcomes evaluation with youth at CARES High School, at The Child and Family Institute at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals. This program and the outcomes evaluation is funded by a grant from The Heckscher Foundation for Children. Data will be collected through June, 2014, with a final outcomes report in September, 2014.