Veterans Outcomes Report

In summer 2013, CANY conducted drama therapy programs for active service duty members at the Military Wellness Program of Holliswood Hospital. Two cohorts of the Military Wellness Program consisted of a total of 28 active service men receiving drama therapy groups. (Due to hospital closure, the Military Wellness Program services have been discontinued until the program can be relocated and programs resumed.)

Demographic of Pre/Post participants>
Age: Range 19-35, average 27 years
Gender: 100% male
Ethnicity: 50% White, 25% Latino, 25% Other

Outcomes results on this limited cohort showed that at baseline participants had relatively high self-confidence, but low ability to understand and express feelings, a tendency to isolation, and distrust of others.

Post participation surveys showed statistically significant improvement in the following:
“I get mad easily”
“I have trouble explaining how I feel, even to people close to me”“If I disagree with a friend, I tell them”
“It’s hard for me to describe my feelings”
“It’s hard for me to tell how other people feel”
“My feelings are all mixed up”(Nearing statistical significance at p= .065)