Program Partner Agency Feedback

"Based on my expertise, it is my opinion that drama therapy has many effective components that overlap with established treatments in the field. I am such a proponent of drama therapy, that we hired Creative Alternatives of New York to provide drama therapy to a population of severely emotionally disturbed and dual-diagnosis adolescents at the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Comprehensive Adolescent Rehabilitation and Education Service (CARES High School)...Thank you for providing us with this valuable service."

Jacob Ham, PhD
Program Director
September 2011

"As the Mental Health Coordinator for the Bethany Program, I have been very pleased with the way CANY has collaborated with us eagerly to work on any number of problems that are most resistant to change in the houses. These areas include: learning how to say ”no” and stay safe, gaining control in their lives, developing healthy relationships and resolving conflicts, recognizing domestic violence, improving self esteem, and envisioning a positive future for themselves and their children."

Kristine Komada, Ph.D.
Mental Health Coordinator, SCO Family of Services
January 2010

"Many adolescents struggle with traditional, one-on-one psychotherapy because it relies so heavily on the ability to verbalize one’s feelings. Trauma erodes the ability to trust, and so the intimacy of this approach can often feel intrusive and too intense for youth who are in the beginning stages of recovery. Therapeutic arts offer an effective and powerful alternative. It can also help support traditional therapy. Creative expression is a natural healant. It builds self esteem, relieves tension, and offers individuals the opportunity to express themselves through non-verbal means. Last spring, (CANY) piloted two drama therapy groups at our residential treatment center. I had the opportunity to attend the first few sessions and was extremely impressed with the skill level of the practitioners and the effectiveness of the technique."

Deidre Hanbury
Director of Arts Programming, JCCA
April, 2009

"I have had the benefit of working with the drama therapists at CANY in co-facilitating groups with our patients in the day treatment program. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits their work has provided in helping our patients improve cognitively, increase social engagement and manage affective symptoms such as acute anxiety and depression. I have literally seen patients who were not able to engage or connect with others come alive and out of there shell in working with CANY. I cannot recommend them enough."
Michael Cannistraci, LCSW
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Payne Whitney Continuing Day Treatment Program

"I don't think that the traditional way of dealing with domestic violence works for everybody. [The CANY therapeutic drama group] Drama Mamas provides tools, a forum to speak for people who would not initially speak."

Christine Rodriguez
Director of Aegis, a residential treatment facility for survivors of domestic violence

"CANY is more than successful engaging our children and allowing them to look within and process feelings and emotions they do not face in counseling, but are able to do through creative expression."

Daniel Bonito, Children's Village Crisis Center